Hyphen Equals Disrespect Petition

Students of language know that as new terms become accepted by the mainstream they evolve into shorter words, single words and shed their capitalization and hyphenation. Words like "Web site" and "on-line" have over time have become "website" and "online" as people became more comfortable with them. "Electronic mail" has followed a similar acceptance arc, becoming "E-mail" and then "e-mail."

It's now time for that word to take its final step and become simply "email," signifying the ubiquity and power of this form of communication, which now has little in common with its text-only, non-interactive ancestor, "electronic mail." After all, email is now used by 97% of all consumers and 94% of marketers, according to Forrester Research, and will generate $23 billion in U.S. sales, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Support "Email" not "E-mail"

Please join the Email Experience Council in giving this revolutionary communication tool the respect it deserves by pledging to drop the hyphen and spell it simply as "email."

Email eec@the-dma.org with your name and the company you represent and we'll add your name to the petition. More than 190 people representing publishers, software companies and email marketing practitioners have already stepped forward to support this initiative.

As the number of signees grows, the eec will use this list to convince publishers—and then the dictionaries—to change their spelling of the word. Several dictionaries have already adopted the shorter spelling as the primary spelling, including the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, The American Heritage Science Dictionary, Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Princeton University WordNet 3.0 and Reference.com. Read the latest petition update on the Email Experience Blog to learn about the progress we're making.

Support this effort by signing the petition and taking the pledge: "Email" has no hyphen and never will in our emails, communications, press releases, articles, whitepapers or anything else. Join us!

Your Fellow Petitioners

o The Email Experience Council
o The Direct Marketing Association
o MediaPost
o Anthony Dorbat, ESPN & Disney
o Arthur Cohen, Reed Business Interactive
o Joanne Carry, DMG World Media
o John Troyan, Variety
o Mitch Bettis, Practical eCommerce Magazine
o Jen Kuzminski, Scholastic Book Fairs
o Ken Kozerski, Astronomy Magazine/Astronomy.com
o Cece Loft, Nielsen Business Media
o Kelly Murtha, Netflix
o Joe Ferry, Nestle
o Daphne McHone, Hanesbrands Inc.
o Andrew Banas, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
o Austin Bliss, FreshAddress
o Rich Slater, AcquireWeb
o Karen Talavera, Synchronicity Marketing
o Catherine Willems, Forty Two International
o Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions
o David Taboada, katalink
o Susan Tull, BlueHornet
o Peter Krause, Neue Digitale
o Epsilon International
o MiMi Designs Inc.
o Ed Guzik, VCM-LLC
o Scott Bleczinski, Compendium Blogware
o Scott Harrington, Wampower.com
o Karyn McCann-Ennis, WP Associates Inc.
o Jeff Ginsberg, The Email Company
o Shannon Carreiro, Interactivate Inc.
o Cameron Stewart, LoopNet Inc.
o Adam Q. Holden-Bache, Mass Transmit
o Ross Davey, The Lido Group
o Gemma Mendham, GOT Corp.
o Chris Ovsenny, Channel Marketing
o Mark Lewis, Media Action
o Alex Williams, eROI
o Steve Johnson, Galleria RTS Ltd
o Tristan Welch, ManchesterConfidential.com
o Bart King, Brorderline Concepts
o Vicki Monti, Web Catalyst
o Lisa Krasnow, Housing Authority Insurance Group
o Russell Johnson, Twenty One Productions
o Rebecca Muller, Publicis Dialog
o Brian Carr, Henry Russell Bruce Branding & Advertising
o Andy Sernovitz, GasPedal
o Janet McKay, Hanesbrands Inc.
o Darcy Silvers, Lenox Group Inc.
o Bill Kaplan, Fresh Address
o Pete Maughan, PMA Media Group
o Susan Downing, Suffolk University
o Ed Snider, ROI Research
o Madeline Hubbard, MindComet
o Kelly Rusk, cardcommunications
o Lisa Ulrich, Gordmans Inc.
o Tami Grasseler, Execunet Inc.
o Patrick Wilson, CarSoup.com
o Steve Ballou, The Media Co.
o David Sparks, Prospectiv
o Brian Jones, Avenue A - Razorfish
o Earline Lagueruela, S&C Advertising & Public Relations
o Chuck Steacy, International Fund for Animal Welfare
o Mark Dye, professional writer, blogger
o Kevin Moran, TSYS Loyalty
o Kelly Rockhill, Solution Tree
o Ted Blumberg, Cuneo Advertising/CarSoup.com
o Ben Pierce, Avenue A - Razorfish
o Mary Ann Zimmer, Law Offices of Mary Ann Zimmer
o Jacob Robertson, Prospectiv
o Richard Kemp, RK2 Media USA
o Julie M. Clark, Insight Media Group Inc.
o Susan Rutgerson, Digitas
o Rebecca Huetter, Momentum Hospitality Inc.
o Sarah Hatch, ExactTarget
o Andrew Osterday, Premiere Global Services
o Caroline Ely, OpenVenue/ResearchNow
o Jesse Doughty, iEntry Inc.
o Edward Oh, JuicePharma Advertising
o Lance Hooper, Echoworx Corp.
o David Atlas, Goodmail Systems
o Steven Mintz, Sub-Zero Freezer Co./Wolf Appliance Co.
o Bruce Merrin Public Relations
o Ken Dixon, Relationsmith Digital Messaging LLC
o Daniel Turman, Organic
o Shawn Higginbotham, Avenue A - Razorfish
o Colleen Logan, Icon Fitness
o Gregg Oldring, Industry Mailout
o Renee Racine, ThinData
o Annie Picken, ArcStone Technologies Inc.
o Michael Goldberg, Datran Media
o David Pritchard, TELUS Consumer Marketing
o Andrea Senteney, MediaHeights
o Rosemary Laughlin, Quikey Manufacturing Co.
o Jim Scova, VentureDirect Worldwide
o Betsy Shea, Shea-Campbell & Associates Inc.
o Greg Alvarez, iMeil.com.mx
o Matt Johnson, OnForce
o Justin Anderson, Avenue A - Razorfish
o Jacob Rideout, ReturnPath
o Skip Fidura, OgilvyOne Worldwide
o Cathy Lindsey, StarsUnlimited Productions Inc.
o Jen Bero, NavGate Technologies
o Jody Sterba, iPrint Systems Inc.
o Erin Ickes, MessageSystems
o Christy Hoffman, funDiva.com
o Tom Pines, Real Magnet
o Mitch Eisen, Real Magnet
o Jim Katz, Real Magnet
o Jason Gindele, Real Magnet
o John Bruce, Ronco Corp.
o Kayte VanScoy, Treehouse Educational Publishing
o Norito Hanji Yoshida, Goyat LLC, Yokohama, Japan
o William Breuer, Typefout.eu
o Anna Wingard, Great Southern Homes
o Suzanne Angeo, Reed Construction Data
o Dennis Lata, Real Magnet
o Jeremy Schwartz, Avenue A - Razorfish
o Susan Rowe, The Swiss Colony
o Sean Weiss, Dalton Agency
o Dave Garrett, Oleh Technology
o Simms Jenkins, BrightWave Marketing
o Paul Beck, OgilvyInteractive
o Carol Betts, Reed Business Interactive
o Catherine Magoffin, Yesmail
o Darla Grant, DAC Group/Digital
o Ricardo Juarez Jr., Vantage Media LLC
o Raime Merriman, TechTracker Media
o Lillian Taylor, Active Web Group
o Brian Toole, One eTeam
o Kim Gardner, Cybernomics Corp.
o Adam Covati, Bronto Software Inc.
o Kathy Towner, WinCommunications/WinM@il
o Kristin Dodge Narjes, James Tower
o Timothy P. Brown, Active Web Group
o Javier Longoria, UP Media Group
o Denise Cox, Newsweaver
o Stacey DiCarlo, Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger
o Charl Hoffman, GraphicMail
o Jessica Rodgers, United Way of Central Indiana
o Mina Evtimova, GlobalSpec, Inc.
o Greg, Thibodeaux, MyWebsiteWorks!
o Heather Dority, Viaspire
o Rachel Lewis, E.W. Scripps
o Andrea Cannistraci, eMaximation, LLC
o Erik Instefjord, Digitas
o Elie Ashery, Gold Lasso
o Kath Pay, Ezemail
o Heather McDaniel, SpurDigital
o Maxine Ramirez, SpurDigital
o David Forbes, Brickmill Marketing Services
o Peter Roebuck, All Web Promotion
o Laura Andersen, Walter Karl Interactive
o Kathleen Gaines, Walter Karl Interactive
o Robert Despins, Campaigner.com
o Vasyl Baryshev, Association of Community Cancer Centers
o Jordan Rohde, Food Service Solutions Group, Inc.
o Mhariaa Damme, Resort Owners Group
o Andrei Georgescu, White Image
o Robin Erler, Care2.com
o Matt Vernhout, EmailKarma.net
o DJ Waldow, Bronto Software
o Julie James, ChoicePay
o Kayna Kelley, ChoicePay
o Sara Avery, Newfield Network, Inc.
o Luke Glasner, Rodman Publishing
o Amanda Moralis, Global Golf
o Anita Singh, Pegasystems Inc.
o Carrie Miller, Sesame Workshop
o Britt Cutsforth, HP
o Jonathan Aizlewood, CarbonGraffiti
o Michael Thompson, ClickSquared
o Jessa Halford, HEALTHeCAREERS Network
o Kim Mitchell, hotels.com
o Daniel Reardon, Improvement Direct, Inc
o Jeremy Scott, The Maids of Lexington, KY
o Deidre Popovich, NFIB
o Ashley Sales, ExactTarget
o Nicole Ross, ExactTarget
o Sarah Bacon, Citrix Systems, Inc.
o Amy Rusert, Zeal
o Rita Tallent, NFIB
o James Kinkade, Arial Software
o Nicoleta Magargiu, White Image
o Andy Goldman, OgilvyOne
o Marc Pitre, G22 Media, LCC
o Max Brockbank, Smart Live Casino
o Benjamin Lutebuter
o Robert Gouda
o Hans Christiaan Albertz
o GL Brewer
o Thom Stanton
o Betsy Craz
o Angela Schuster, Schuster Consulting Group
o Melissa Shaw, Shaw Strategic Services LLC
o Angie Inglis, Javelin Direct
o Greg Hoff, Millipore
o Brian Wetjen, Bozell Interactive
o Marc Elias, CheetahMail
o Kathleen Higgins
o Melissa Davis, Media General Interactive
o Jonathan Chang, Bobit Business Media
o Chris Haas, Ovation Marketing
o Tim Siukola, ExactTarget
o Andrea Smith, ExactTarget
o Lacey Lynch, ExactTarget
o Christine Hughey, TD AMERITRADE
o Sarah Clark, Aetna Consumer Markets
o Gregory Lane, Graphics & Motion, Inc.
o Arthur Cohen, RISI, Inc.
o Carla L. Cascio, Restaurant.com
o Chris Pierdominici, RISI, Inc.
o Nicole Summerlin, Multi-Financial Securities Corporation
o Carol Schoeppler, August Home Publishing
o Philippe Odoom, Disney
o Mindy Dolan, TailoredMail
o Donna Parker, Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
o Scot Powers, Email Marketing Specialist
o Anna Yeaman, Style Campaign
o Dominique Elkind, Datacore Marketing, LLC
o Ashley Place, ExactTarget
o AnMarie Bozick, Insurance Technologies Corporation
o Hjalte Hojsgaard, MarketCulture Strategies
o Jordie van Rijn, Dunck Loyalty Marketing
o Daniel Judd, Pathway Genomics
o Tom Giannini, Vistaprint
o Ann Handley, MarketingProfs
o Natalie Diekmann, Bloomstruck LLC
o Andrew Bonar, EmailExpert.org
o Eric Hoffman, Park City Mountain Resort
o Lynn Moss, Allconnect
o Meredith Konrad, Q Interactive
o Dara Anker, Moxie Interactive
o Elisabeth Villarroel, MediMedia Animal Health
o Curt Wilcox, Real Magnet 
o Luke Daigle, Underline Communications
o Jennifer O’Meara, Flimp Media
o Senthuran Srinivasan, Yesmail from infogroup|Interactive
o Eric Taylor, Blue Tent Marketing
o Matej Bajzelj, Infonova (Casteo.com)
o Liz Bross, Harte-Hanks
o Kristin Rothwell, Sharp HealthCare
o Maren Batt, Alterian
o Jeannie Tanguay, A&E Television Networks
o Elaine Lombardo, Lombardo Creative Designs & Marketing
o Jessica Koch, ExactTarget
o Kelly Steinbach, XTRA Lease LLC
o Toni LaPann, Fulton Financial Corporation
o Karolina McIlroy, Guide Dogs
o Barbara Sams, CIMA Systems
o Megan Ouellet, Listrak
o John Janetos, iPost
o Susan Widen, PlusNetMarketing
o Brian Gould, Efinancial
o Jay Hirsch, TMP Worldwide
o Georgene Thompson, The Heuser Group
o Benjamin McCabe, Healthcare Data Solutions
o Jennifer Mueller, Travelocity
o Melissa Shaw, Shaw + Scott
o Erin Connelly, Heuser Group
o Madalin Ionascu, Softonic, Spain
o Gregg Zastrow, Deluxe Corp
o Brooks Ballard, Info Retail,Inc.
o Patricia E. Heuser, The Heuser Group, Inc.
o Sandy Pochapin, FreshAddress, Inc.
o Thomas King, iGroup/iPromotion-Internet E-marketing
o Juan Esteves, Crutchfield Corporation
o Varsha Chawla, SAS
o Arthur Redman, Airlines Reporting Corporation
o Maciej Ossowski, Implix / GetResponse
o Arturs Bernovskis, Mailigen
o Richard Voss, DRV Technologies, Inc.
o Rhonda Walinga, Blue Hue Interactive
o Olivier Leibowitz, Corporate Director at 1:1
o Jeremy Tellier, Actieve

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