Email Tools and Links

The internet is full of useful tools and resources that can help improve your email marketing efforts. To make it easy on you, we’ve canvassed the web and collected the best free resources here.  Do you know of other free email marketing resources? Please let us know.

Email ROI Calculator

Uncover the True Value of a Customer's Email Address
The 2008-2009 List Growth and Engagement Roundtable developed an interactive Excel calculator to help retailers measure the ROI of their acquisition and retention email mailings, including deployment costs, list growth calculations, and much more.


Other Useful Tools & Links

Email Service Provider Selection
ESPinator, by ClickMail Marketing

Email Marketing Stats & Definitions
ZDNet’s IT Facts—Email
The eec’s Email Glossary

Email Marketing Search Engines

Sender ID

AOL Postmaster
MSN Hotmail and Windows Live Mail Postmaster Services
Windows Live Hotmail Postmaster Services
Yahoo Mail Postmaster
Comcast Postmaster

ISP Blogs
AOL Postmaster Blog
Official Gmail Blog
Yahoo! Mail Blog
Official AOL Postmaster Blog
Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support Blog - The official technical support blog for Windows Live Hotmail and the Live Mail Client
Your mail is here, come and get it! - Web mail musings from the Windows Live Hotmail team

Feedback Loops Feedback Loop
AOL Feedback Loop
Comcast feedback loop

Rotex’ Multi-RBL Check

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
DNSBL Resources
Spam laws (U.S. and international)
SpamAssassin’s list of spammy words
Email Center UK Sp@m Checker Tool
Melon Stork - A free tool that analyses the content side of your email to check it won't trigger spam filters
SpamCop Discussion Board

Privacy Policies
The Direct Marketing Association’s privacy policy generator

CleanMyMailbox’ Whitelisting Instruction Generator

Subject Lines
Spammy Subject Line Tester
Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Domain Tests
Great Firewall of China domain tester

CSS Converter
HTML Code Tutorial

Email Templates
Free newsletter templates

Competitive Intelligence
Internet Archive

Viral Marketing
Word of Mouth 101

Industry Associations & Groups
Email Experience Council (eec)
Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
Email Service Provider Coalition (ESPC)
Mail Anti Abuse Working Group (MAAWG)
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Online Trust Alliance (OTA)
Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP)
Email Standards Project
Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
American Marketing Association (AMA)
Business Marketing Association (BMA)
Federation of European Direct Marketing(FEDMA)
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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